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Nikhil's  advice for a professionally hit show                         


Technical rider & Stage plan for one day show
Band size -5pc
guitar or keyboard
Congo dholak
Octopad player

tech for stage

DRUM RISER -For drummer a small half foot stage height with 8 foot X 10 foot X half foot height if possible
Also for abroad shows if drum set can be arranged weight problem can be minimized
Stage we will adjust in any size

Comfortable size will be -15 to 15 foots plus a ramp for singers
Or 20 to 20 foot
If in banquet then 2 foot height
If outdoor then at least 5 feet height

*Please increase the stage if dancers are going to perform accordingly with singer*

#Space for singer to build a rapo with crowd below stage while dancing
#For singers a green room
#Sound & light console near stage on left side of stage
#for pyrotechnic , fire works, blasts and entries to be discussed before the show and has to   be rehearsed in advance .

Please have a qualified audio technician present before, during, and after the event.
Also, we will need 2 HELPER to help with load in and load out.

Sound rider
can arrange flying /half flying or stack sound system

3way sound with shure 58 -6 mikes( or equivalent)
Shure 57 -5 mikes
pls inform sound person for BETA 52 A mike for kick Drum and at least 2 over head mikes for cymbals .
3 line outs for key boards and octo pads
Monitors 4 for artist +2 for singer on ramp plus 2 side fills with base all 1000 w
24 channel mixer

2+2 base bins at least for banquets
3+3 base bins for out door or as per organizer comfort
please increase base bins and mids and highs as per crowd or if proper layout will be given exact technical's will be emailed
Cordless as per singers with new batteries with stand , 1 notation stand .

Sound requiernmet on and off stage for 3000 persons
6 base bins on each side i.e. 12 base bin set up - 1200 w each
6 mids on each side 1 2 mids set up -1000 w each                                    
6 high on each side i.e. 12 high set up -1000 w each
Either 3 or 4 way or flying sound 3 or 4 way
With 24 channel mixer & processor
on stage 2 side fills
8 monitors
4 cordless mike with new batteries
Drum kit mikes

Terms are made as per previous bitter experience
1)Traveling, food, stay and sound extra at your end ,
2)If more then 8 to 9 hours  - then flight(tickets with free Snacks), to and fro extra baggage has to be borne
by organizer ...(approx 80 kgs to and fro) or either organiser can arrange Drumkit ,keyboard stand to reduce extra weight for flights and train
If travelling hours is 8 to 10 hours - travelling by road then 2 Ac suv with carrier ,
Traveling train Ac with 2 extra tickets for music instruments ,
All travelling like- taxi to and fro, porter to and fro, snacks ,water to be borne by organizer at actual ,
Stay 3 star hotel a/c (2 persons in a room) with free Wi-Fi,
Food standard available veg,
Solo room for female singer,
4)Sound either organizer can arrange or sound charges will be extra
depending on venue and crowd,
Tech rider and Itinerary after booking ,
5)PAYMENT 50% advance rest 50% before leaving .
6)Rest terms in good faith .


assuring a successful show by     nikhil shah -0091 9967681111-Mumbai INDIA