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If ever you require Drumset on rent for your Shows,Music video shoot ,OTT shoots, College fests ,Movies etc in mumbai

Also Roto drums for Bands doing shows in Navrati ,also snare, timbali,bass drums, (concert) available




If you drummers doing show in Mumbai and do not want 
the hardship of carrying whole of drum kit along with heavy hardware,
a helper to help you to arrange ,dismental and
loading unloading in your vehicle 
Now get  drum kit on rent 
no deposit ,
no travelling charge 
no hassle of arranging and dismantling of drum kit in mumbai jurisdiction
contact drummer nikhil shah for drum kit on hire for ur gig

available  drum set on rent  for drummer doing shows in mumbai 
for Rs 5500 per gig ,  no travelling charge, no extra expense, no deposit in mumbai Jurisdiction
contact drummer nikhil shah 9967681111
full payment advance & outright
Terms are made as per previous bitter experience
# food & water coupons required
                                    #Pls arrange helper from car to stage and again stage to car
                                               #pls help in proper car parking ,if parking charge , to borne by you
   #pls send date/timing/address/location
                                  #pls carry your cymbals and pedal  If using mine no criticism
                                                               #in any case if the booking is cancelled/pospond from your end no amount will be refunded or adjusted