Jai vaishnav devi maa

                     Drum classes at ghatkopar east

Be a Drummer-
Learn to play Western and Indian Beats on drums 
 for Girls and boy from 10 to 50 yrs.

timing - week days - after 6pm
Sundays  -  only in morning- after 11 am .

address- 40/301, A- shilpa building, 3rd floor ,
near sati krupa shopping center ,garodia nagar, ghatkopar east,
mumbai -400077

tips for drummers by nikhil shah

*best drummers are best listeners
*music is to be loved not just listened
*drummer have more concentration power,
*never feel shy ,
*concentrate on what you are listening ,
*if u do not know or do not understand say "No" do not keep guessing wasting ur nd ur teachers time,
*learn to play with team work,
*drummers should have attitude but it should not be seen ,
*keep smiling on stage no matter whatever pains,
*practice makes drummer a king .......
*play with right hand FIRST,
* hold drum sticks by 3/4 ,
* play with tips of sticks,
*play with wrist not with hands,
*sit straight on throne ,
* have your both legs in right angle,

some health tips for being active and energetic drummer

*start your morning with jogging , walking or swimming,
*never say no to any of vegetables or fruits,
*keep away from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs it will take away your energy and stamina,
*cut your hand and foot nails as hand nails will not hurt you while playing and foot nails will not pain your leg nerves in boots while playing bass and chokes,
*before travelling for gigs eat salad or light food which will help you to avoid acidity, stomach problems and uneasiness...........